Sofia studied pottery in Greece about 35 years ago, she was working as a supplier with bespoke products as well as her own collections. In 2017 she opened her own workshop in London, and together with her partner, Kostas established Sofia Ceramics.


Her collections were mostly oriented towards usable work of art. The combination of materials from England along with her team’s expertise and know-how formulated a complete and imaginative collection of usable everyday art. Such as the plates that are currently supplied to restaurants, houses and hotels. The medium for the creation is clay and porcelain that gains shape and value through the hands of the artist, as well as the discipline and peculiarity of an everlasting material.

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A lot of our collections are created with several different accumulated techniques and they are considered unique collectors’ items. As they require a lot of work and precision that will not be repeated. Sofia loves making them and always strives to perfect them.

Each time our creations were fired, we saw the finalized piece of art with excitement. Then we packaged and shipped them to the person that placed the order. Our thoughts were with them, as they helped us come closer to our goals and expand our workshop and ideas, and for that, we thank our customers as they are a constant inspiration to the team.

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