Sofia Ceramics started in 2016 with the simple mission to provide unique handmade dinnerware options for the hospitality industry. Having moved to London in 2016 Sofia Ceramics team started collaborating with chefs and restaurants to create bespoke collections of dinnerware.

Since then we spend years testing numerous clay types and glazes all in an effort to provide our customers with beautiful, useful and the most durable product possible that can handle the abuse of high-volume kitchens and commercial dishwashers and stand the test of time.

Sofia Ceramics is based in London where we form, fire and ship our dinnerware to restaurants around the world.

The medium for the creation is clay and porcelain that gains shape and value through the hands of the artist, as well as the discipline and peculiarity of an everlasting material.


Each piece that we designed has its own unique production process, using various methods. Our studio is equipped with 2 kilns that we each day open with a thrill to discover finished pieces we loaded the day before.

Our goal remains unchanged to create handmade dinnerware that is functional and beautiful with a personal feel that sets our clients’ restaurants and dining rooms apart.

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