Materials & Care

Is Sofia Ceramics dinnerware dishwasher and microwave safe?

All our ceramics are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe but avoid exposure to sudden changes of temperature. To retain its ravishing good looks I recommend washing by hand!

Can I get a glaze sample before I order?

We don’t currently offer tile samples of our glazes. We recommend purchasing small items to see the glazes or visit us to see them in person.

Are your dinnerware durable?

The short answer is yes, our dinnerware is quite durable. A good testament to their durability is how many restaurants use our collection as their primary dinnerware. Restaurants are anything but gentle when it comes to handling their dinnerware —they’re dumped into dish bins, put through commercial dishwashers. That being said, it’s pottery, and all pottery is breakable. If you are nervous about it you can start small with a few items.

What clay and glazes do you use?

Sofia ceramics dinnerware are made of stoneware clay. Each of our pieces are made up of a clay body and a glaze. We use a variety of clays (in total you will find in our workshop 5 light colour clays, 3 greys clays, 2 black clays and 1 terracotta or red clay). Each one of the clays gives a different result when fired and combined with a glaze and is used on different projects.

We use a variety of glazes from different companies and we also make our own. All of our glazes are cadmium and lead free and undergo routine testing in a laboratory in the UK.

There is often a unique end result when the clay and the glaze are combined. (For example, if you have a thin glaze on a dark clay, you’re going to see more of the clay beneath the glaze, which causes the glaze to have a slightly darker, earthier tone.) It’s part of what makes handmade ceramics special, but it’s also something to be aware of when you’re shopping.

Due to the handmade nature, our ceramics may have small differences, but we love these as they show how the makers' hands have formed and finished each product.

Pottery Courses

How about pottery courses?

We do pottery courses and you can find them here. You can subscribe to our website to get notifications about new uploaded courses, discounts and our recipes and news.

What about Covid-19 measures?

Yes, we do have measures in place.

Due to Covid-19 we require all our students and staff to wear a face covering. If you do not have one you will be asked to leave. If you cannot wear one for medical reasons please contact us prior to booking the course.
We have made various changes to the studios to make them as Covid-19 safe as possible. There will be a maximum of 10 students per class, with max 5 students spread across 1 clay table. We will disinfect the studio, the tools and the workstations before and after every class
We have regular sanitation and ventilation system of the workspace in place.

We are working hard to keep everyone safe and follow the new rules. At the same time, we need to protect ourselves financially so that we can keep having you all in our lovely workshop throughout this difficult period and the future beyond it. We all have a responsibility to keep each other safe and protected. Our studio, or individual students, can be fined if everyone does not follow the government guidelines, so please commit yourself to the below guidelines and help us make sure your classmates are following them too.

What if there is another lockdown?

We appreciate that there is a lot of uncertainty currently and we want to assure you that in case of national lockdown measures as previously all of our courses well be rescheduled for when it is safe to reopen. The highest priority through the past challenging 2 years is the health and safety our team and students. If booking a class as a gift for a loved one, there is the option to be sent one of our beautiful bespoke gift vouchers to give to the recipient. Our classes usually sell out very fast, so be sure to sign up for our class email list below to be notified as soon as new classes go online. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us, and we’ll be so happy to talk it all through with you. Also, feel free to stay in touch and tell us what you are watching or reading to get through it!

Can I book a course if pregnant?

Due to the process of working with Clay it is advised to avoid enrolling in a course if pregnant from the 3rd month onward.

Can we book a course for kids?

Currently we do not take children on our general group classes. Please contact us directly for more information on classes for children under the age of 16.

Can I purchase multiple courses on behalf of others?

If purchasing multiple course on behalf of others, please ensure you have reserved a place for each person in your group onto the class, once you get the confirmation email share with us a list with their name and email address – to ensure their place is booked and helps us contact them for the collection of their work.

Can we book a group event?

Yes, we will be happy to arrange a group event - contact us directly for pricing and details at

Other Questions

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! You can find them here.

Can I visit?

You can visit our workshop any day. Please send us an email to make sure that we will be there.

How about Brexit?

We still ship in EU but please note that customs and import duties might be charged. Sofia Ceramics is not responsible for these charges. If you fail to pay for any customs or import duties and the item(s) are returned to us the cost of the delivery for returned good will be charged to you or deducted from a potential refund.

Gift Cards & Vouchers

How to apply an digital voucher/gift card voucher/promo code?

You can enter your voucher/promo code before the checkout at the My Cart page.

I didn't receive my Voucher/Promo Code or eGift Card code.

The Voucher/Promo Code is created by our team when you purchase an e-Gift card or a course gift vouhcer (pottery course, taster course, make you own plates) Please double-check that you have used the correct email address and your spam folder. If you are still missing your code you can email us at: and we can re-send it to you!

How long is my code valid for?

Your code will be valid for 1 year.

I ordered a digital voucher/gift card but haven't received it, what should I do?

Don't worry! Processing our vouchers & eGift cards takes 1-2 business days so you should be receving it shortly.

Shipping & Returns

What about shipping and returns?

Please visit our "Shipping & Returns" section at the bottom of the page.