Frequently asked questions

Is Sofia Ceramics ware dishwasher and microwave safe?

All of our tableware are dishwasher and microwave safe and they fit beautifully in the dishwasher. Please note that items with gold or silver can't be placed in microwave.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! You can find them here.

Can get a glaze sample before I order?

We don’t currently offer tile samples of our glazes. We recommend purchasing small items to see the glazes or visit us to see them in person. We are happy to accept returns.

Are your dinnerware durable?

The short answer is yes, our dinnerware is quite durable. A good testament to their durability is how many restaurants use our collection as their primary dinnerware. Restaurants are anything but gentle when it comes to handling their dinnerware —they’re dumped into dish bins, put through commercial dishwashers. That being said, it’s pottery, and all pottery is breakable. If you are nervous about it you can start small with a few items.

Can I visit?

You can visit our workshop any day. Please send us an email to make sure that we will be there.

How about pottery courses?

We do pottery courses and you can find them here. You can subscribe to our website to get notifications about new uploaded courses, discounts and our recipes and news.

How about Brexit?

We still ship in EU but please note that customs and import duties might be charged. Sofia Ceramics is not responsible for these charges. If you fail to pay for any customs or import duties and the item(s) are returned to us the cost of the delivery for returned good will be charged to you or deducted from a potential refund.