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How To Make Your Own Plates 2-Day Course


Welcome to a journey of inspiration & fun!

Get ready to learn the skills you need to create your own tableware for your home and amaze your friends & family in your next gathering! All from the team working with amazing restaurants for their tableware like Ottolenghi, Nopi, Rovi, Amazonico, Kiln, Bubala, Chameleon and many more!


For this course is best if you have already completed one of our taster courses or any other introductory course to feel comfortable with

basic shaping techniques such as pinching, coiling, press moulding as well as using carving & shaping tools. If you are not sure whether you need to book a taster first, drop us an email and we will be happy to help.


Clay is a very friendly, rewarding and forgiving material with many secrets to share that is why we love it! Whether you book for yourself or a group of friends, this is a wonderfully social and spirited introduction to the joys of creating! We like to keep classes small, so each course has a max of 8-10 people per class allowing for a more intimate and relaxing experience. The price includes all clay, materials, and firings.




Day 1

We start the course with a quick run-through of the movements from the techniques you already know that will be key to getting you started and showing how to use the forms to your advantage in shaping your tableware. Then it is time to get creating!


During the workshop you will create: 1x Dinner Plate, 1x Side Plate, 1x Bowl and 1x Ramekin using our forms, then you will use the tools to trim, carve, print and colour incise. You are welcome to play and experiment as much as you like within these two hours.

If you wish to create more within the course time, there will be a £4 charge per kilo.


Day 2

Your unique creations will be dry and ready to be trimmed and decorated according to your own unique taste.


We start the course with a small introduction of what kind of techniques can be used to decorate the plates as well as give you some of our favourite tips & tricks.


You will choose the glaze for your own pieces clean the rims of your creations to achieve a beautiful finished result. Once complete we will show you how to tuck your creations away safely to dry. We will fire everything for you and once they are ready we will contact you to come to pick them up.

At the end of the course, calculate roughly 15-30 additional minutes to clean your station and tools!


Classwork is usually ready in 4-6 weeks. We will notify you by email and you can pop by the studio to collect your pieces. Once we have notified you, we can not keep items for longer than 10 calendar days due to limited storage in our workshop after that we donate them to local charities.


If you loved it as much as we do & you want to create more, talk to us to book self-guided sessions using our equipment and create a set for your home!




Our workshop is located in the beautiful Vincent’s yard in South London. Address: 23 Alphabet Mews, SW9 0FN, London, UK.

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