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This course is aiming to teach you different shaping techniques. How to use different varieties of clay and how to work with them. If you have some experience you can come with your idea and projects and we can focus on improving certain skills. This class covers both hand-building techniques and wheel throwing. You will also learn how to glaze and how to fill and fire the kiln.

You will learn the basic techniques of wedging. On the wheel, you will start by learning to throw simple shapes such as cylinder and bowl. You will also learn how to pull handles for mugs, cups, and jugs, how to manipulate thrown shapes and how to apply the surface decoration. You will also learn how to make plates and tableware in a variety of shapes.

The course will run for 5 days for 4 hours between 10.00 and 14.00.  It is for a small group of up to 8 persons so you will have my full attention.

Please ensure you are able to attend as many days of the scheduled course as possible before you sign up. It’s particularly important that you attend the first two.


This fee cost covers all material. There will be a small charge of £5 per kg you want to be fired. We offer tea and coffee as well!

Your items should be ready for collection in the next few weeks after the end of the class.


Sofia and one of her students will be there to answer all your questions!

Sofia studied pottery in Greece 35 years ago, she was working as a supplier with bespoke products as well as her own collection. In 2017 she opened her own workshop in London, where she met the rest of the team and established Sofia Ceramics.

In all her life ceramics and pottery were her passion. She has extensive experience in a variety of techniques and over the years she has worked with a plethora of clay and glazes!


Bring a lot of ideas, creativity, an apron… and expect to get dirty. A notebook is always useful to record your processes if you want to repeat them.


Our workshop is located in a beautiful yard in South London, at 23 Alphabet Mews, SW90FN.


Please note that we have a 28 day no refund policy and missed classes cannot be made up in different classes so please make sure that you are able to attend all classes before booking.

Thank you.

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