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Say ''I love you, and I trust you to choose anything you want!''  with a Sofia Ceramics gift card.


Here are some suggestions of what can be purchased with each denomination of our e-Gift Card.


£30.00 Gift Card

Something small and unique a mug or small plate when you are having difficulty choosing.


£60.00 Gift Card

A great way to introduce someone to the brand. With this gift card, they can buy something small and unique. Also great for someone that is already a fan and interested to top up their existing collection.


£150.00 Gift Card

This one is a great option for someone that wants to start with a small set of dinnerware for 2 or get 4 separate items for their table or home. 


£200.00 Gift Card

Shopping for someone that is ready to get started to invest in some serious dinnerware that can use and cherish for a long time. 


£500.00 Gift Card

Set the table! With this gift card, your loved one can purchase a full dinnerware set for 2 or 4 with a few of our mugs to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. A great gift for someone that loves Sofia Ceramics dinnerware.


£1000.00 Gift Card

Going all out! This gift card is the ultimate gift and can be used towards a full set for 8-12 people depending on the choice of collection and forms. A gift that will be greatly appreciated.


Once you purchase one of our Digital Gift Vouchers we will send you an E-Gift Certificate to your inbox. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the gift voucher to arrive in your inbox.  You can print or forward this unique E-Gift certificate to any of your beloved ones to buy a plate (or three) or book a course from our website. The lucky recipient can enter the unique voucher code at checkout to subtract the value from their order total.


This digital gift certificate is redeemable in our online shop as well as our studio and it can be used for any of our products.


Classes aren't offered as regularly as in previous years and we wouldn't recommend buying a gift voucher for a class.


If you are buying a gift card from outside the UK please select collection so there won't be any shipping charges.

Digital Gift Voucher

PriceFrom £30.00
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