Suitable for coffee lovers that won't compromise on quality and feel. A perfect gift for you or a friend. This works with #2 cone coffee filters.


Handmade with Love
Each piece in my shop is completely designed, handmade, finished, and packaged, by me in my studio in South London. You can be sure every single piece of art is made with equal love and care.


Approximate dimensions:

Mug: 8x8.5cm

Cone for filter:
d: 11.5 cm w/ hand 15cm

h: 9.5cm


Our current delivery time is 2-3 weeks, sooner if becomes available. For specific glazes, delivery can be as early as 1 week.


How are they made?
All of our plates are hand-made and fired in the kiln two times, one for the clay at 980 degrees Celsius and one for the glaze again at 1200. This makes them strong and durable for everyday use. 

All of our items are stamped on the base with our logo and after being fired for the last time sanded to ensure they're smooth and don't cause any scratches on furniture.


Due to the handmade nature, our ceramics may have small differences, but we love these as they show how the makers' hands have formed and finished each product.

All our ceramics are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. To retain its ravishing good looks I recommend washing by hand!

Natural Grey Filter Cone & Mug

  • We are currently experiencing a high volume of orders. Please note that we are not able to ship any items until the 30th of June.